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MYOB Support Notes Support notes are moving!
We're constantly trying to improve our product support. To make it quicker and easier to find your answers, we think all support info should be in one place. So we're moving all support notes to
  1. Support notes are moving! New
    We're constantly trying to improve our product support. To make it quicker and easier to find your answers, we think all support info should be available in one place. That's why we're...
    ID: 37618
    Date Updated: 21/01/2016
  2. Calculating payroll accrual percentages Updated
    When  setting up your employees' leave , if you select the  Equals [x] Percent of option as the calculation basis, you'll need to specify the percentage rate to calculate the correct...
    ID: 9157
    Date Updated: 11/01/2016
  3. Fixing email issues in AccountRight v19 or AccountEdge Updated
    AccountRight v19 sends emails through Microsoft Outlook 2007 - 2013 (32-bit), and AccountEdge sends emails through Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011 or Apple Mail (Mac Mail). Other email programs might...
    ID: 9229
    Date Updated: 05/02/2016
  4. Setting your default email program or email address
    To email from AccountRight v19.6 and later , you need to have Microsoft Outlook 2007 - 2013 (32-bit) installed. For older AccountRight versions, you'll need Microsoft Outlook 2000-2007. To email from...
    ID: 35262
    Date Updated: 15/12/2015
  5. Recording bank interest and charges
    Some bank transactions are not usually known until you receive your bank statement. This support note explains how to record bank interest and charges using ther Bank Entry feature of your...
    ID: 9077
    Date Updated: 04/08/2015
  6. Moving MYOB software to a new computer
    This step-by-step guide helps you move your MYOB software to a new computer, along with your customised forms and other templates. If you're Moving from PC to Mac (or vice-versa) , see our...
    ID: 11234
    Date Updated: 25/09/2015
  7. Receivables reconciliation out of balance in AccountRight v19 and AccountEdge
    It is important you often check that your receivables are in balance. This means that the sum total of the amounts your customers owe you as shown on customer cards is equal to the balance of your...
    ID: 9096
    Date Updated: 14/09/2015
  8. Recording an ATO payment or credit in AccountRight v19 or AccountEdge
    Once you have completed your Business Activity Statement (BAS) or Instalment Activity Statements (IAS) you need to record the payment owing to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or the credit you...
    ID: 9260
    Date Updated: 10/07/2015
  9. Errors in your company file (AccountRight v19 and earlier)
    This support note describes the most common company file errors in AccountRight v19 (an earlier). Options for fixing company file errors: Optimise and verify your company file. These two processes...
    ID: 9323
    Date Updated: 17/09/2015
  10. Moving older company files between Windows and Mac
    Older company files created on a Windows computer can be accessed on older Mac softweare versions, and vice versa. This support note explains the process and lists the compatible...
    ID: 9255
    Date Updated: 17/09/2015