Cannot email or print customised pay slips in AccountRight Plus 2011

Answer ID 33832   |    Published 23/11/2011 01:49 PM   |    Updated 17/12/2013 10:43 AM
Why can't I email or print customised pay slips in AccountRight Plus 2011?

Emailing customised pay slips

Prior to the installation of Service Pack 1 in AccountRight Plus 2011, when a pay slip was emailed it would only use the default pay slip form (Payroll_PaySlipSummary).

As shown in the example below, a customised pay slip form has been created (My Custom Payslip). If you attempted to use a customised pay slip by choosing it here when emailing pay slips, the pay slips would still be emailed but the default pay slip form would be used (Payroll_PaySlipSummary).




This issue is resolved by installing the latest Service Pack.

Printing customised payslips

When viewing an employee's pay, clicking the Print button at the top of the window doesn't allow you to print the pay slip using a customised form.


Printing this way will print the pay slip using the default form (Payroll_PaySlipSummary).



  1. Go to the Payroll command centre and click Print/Email Pay Slips. The Review Pay Slips Before Delivery window appears.

  2. On the To Be Printed tab, click Advanced Filters.

  3. If required, specify filter criteria to display the pay slips you want to print.

  4. In the Selected Form for Pay Slips field, select your customised pay slip. See our example below.


  5. Click OK.

  6. Select the pay slips to be printed.

  7. Click Print. The pay slips will print using your customised pay slip.

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