Can't email pay slips in the new AccountRight

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If the above error occurs when emailing pay slips:

  1. Go to the Setup menu and choose Preferences.
  2. Click the Reports & Forms tab.
  3. Deselect the option Include all YTD amounts and Entitlement Balances on Paycheque Stubs.
  4. Attempt to email the pay slip.

If the error persists:

  1. Put through a "dummy" pay for the employee and enter an hour and amount next to each payroll category.
  2. Process the dummy pay.
  3. Display the pay transaction via the transaction journal, then go to the Edit menu and choose Delete (or Reverse).
  4. Attempt to email the pay slip which was causing the error.

If the error persists, it means something is stopping the email being sent from your MYOB software to Outlook. Typically this is related to one of the following:

  • Windows permissions
  • Outlook security settings
  • Third party security software, such as antivirus
  • User Access Control (Windows Vista and later)

As these things are outside of your MYOB software and may relate to numerous causes, you might need the help of an IT person to determine the exact cause and the appropriate fix.

As a possible quick fix, try restarting your computer.

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