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What are some FAQs for the MYOB EFTPOS terminals?

This support notes provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the MYOB EFTPOS terminal.


Note: The information provided in this support note is extracted from the MYOB EFTPOS User Guide which is available for download at the bottom of this support note.


Question Answer
Can I use ther MYOB EFTPOS terminal with a dial-up internet connection? No.
What do I do once I have received my terminal? Follow the "Setting Up" procedures in the MYOB EFTPOS User Guide. A copy of this guide is provided at the bottom of this support note.
How do I add a recently acquired American Express or Diners account? Call MYOB Client Support on 1300 555 115 and provide your merchant number, indicating whether it is an American Express or Diners account so that the Client Support representative can link it to your terminal.
How can I fix my terminal's printer quality if it has degraded? MYOB EFTPOS paper rolls are based on heating technology. Replacing the paper roll will usually fix the issue. If it doesn't, call MYOB Client Support on 1300 555 115 to determine whether the issue is due to a fault with the terminal.
If I have lost or never received my Tyro merchant portal login details, how can I get them? Call MYOB Client Support on 1300 555 115 and request a new password. This will be sent to the email address nominated on your Merchant Service Agreement.
What do I do if I tried to process a high value transaction or refund and it was declined with code 13? Call MYOB Client Support on 1300 555 115. A Client Support representative will explain why the transaction or refund was declined and help resolve the issue.
What do I do if my terminal is not working?

If the terminal shows a connection error and is inoperable, check that:
• you are connected to the internet
• security settings are not affecting the terminal's connection to the internet. Go to to automatically perform connection diagnostic tests.
• if any devices have been replaced on or added to your network, check that the devices are not interfering with the terminal's performance. For example, a new router may not have been configured correctly.
• the terminal has not been damaged or roughly handled. A loose network or power cable may have caused the issue.

What do I do if my terminal is displaying the message 'Tampered State: Out of Order'? If this happens, the terminal has been dropped, damaged, or tampered with and will require replacement. To avoid this issue, the terminal should always be carried with care and should never be opened, as this voids the warranty.
If my MYOB EFTPOS terminal is not reading cards, how can I fix it? The reading mechanism inside the card reader may have become dirty. Swipe a soft cloth through the card reader a few times. If the issue continues call MYOB Client Support on 1300 555 115.
Where can I find a transaction report for the previous day's sales? Log into the Tyro merchant portal at with the login details that were emailed to you when you started using MYOB EFTPOS. If you have lost your password or need to change your email details, call MYOB Client Support on 1300 555 115.
How do I get a new terminal password if I have lost the old one? On the terminal, press MENU, scroll to Settings and click OK. Scroll to Recover Password and click OK. An email will automatically be sent to the email address nominated on the Merchant Service Agreement.
How do I find the terminal's Merchant ID and Terminal ID? See "To find the terminal's Merchant ID and Terminal ID" on page 10 of the MYOB EFTPOS User Guide. A copy of this guide is provided at the bottom of this support note.
How do I restart my terminal? Press and hold the yellow CORR button on the keypad until the screen displays Reboot Now.
How do I check that my firewall is allowing traffic through to Tyro? From a computer that communicates with the internet through your firewall, go to The diagnostic tests will start automatically.
How should I configure my firewall to allow the terminal to connect to the internet?

If your firewall is not allowing traffic through to Tyro, configure your firewall to allow outgoing traffic to:
IP Range:
which is also netmask
which is also to
To TCP Ports 80, 443, 10443

Why does the terminal prompt for 'Approve with signature' when processing a MOTO payment? I would have thought that if the customer is not present, then they would not be able to provide a signature.

It is a scheme (Visa & MasterCard) requirement that a signature is required for these transactions.
• For a mail order transaction the merchant should have received a request via regular mail to process that transaction. The request should have the customers signature. The merchant should write "MO" or "Mail Order" on the EFTPOS receipt which they must then mail back to the customer.
• For a telephone order transaction, the merchant should have received instruction over the phone to process the transaction. There is no need to have the customers signature because the fact that the CVV is entered into the terminal during the transaction proves that the customer authorised the transaction. The merchant should write "TO" or "Telephone Order" on the receipt which they must then send back to the customer.

What happens if I have technical problems with the MYOB EFTPOS terminal? Does someone come out onsite to fix them? The majority of problems with a device are software related. Because MYOB EFTPOS terminals are connected to the internet we can download a new version of the software to the terminal if required. The download takes about 90 seconds after which the terminal reboots to recover.

If a faulty terminal can't be repaired by downloading new software it will be replaced by TYRO. Tyro will ship you a new device at no cost via express courier. In most instances, the terminal will be arrive on the next business day in metropolitan areas and within 2 business days in regional areas.
I have damaged my MYOB EFTPOS terminal - what do I do?

If you damage an MYOB EFTPOS terminal, Tyro will debit the cost of repairing it or replacing it from your nominated account. The removal of the PIN privacy shield, damaged or permanently marked terminal casing, damage from liquids or other misuse/neglect will attract repair or replacement fees. Tyro's flat rate repair fee is $160 ($90 for a PIN privacy shield replacement). These rates are subject to change.
If a terminal is lost or damaged beyond reasonable repair - as determined by Tyro - its residual value will be charged to the merchant.

I need to return my terminal to TYRO for repair, what steps do I need to follow?

MYOB in conjunction with Tyro will determine if a terminal needs to be replaced . Tyro will ship by AAE couriers a replacement terminal along with a prepaid con note and an AAE satchel for return of the faulty EFTPOS terminal.
• MYOB EFTPOS terminals must be returned to Tyro within 5 business days from reception of the AAE satchel.
• Securely package the terminal and place it in the AAE courier satchel.
Call AAE on 131213 to book a pick up, quote the pre-paid consignment note number and Tyro's address: 125 York Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.

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