Unable to Locate Host Computer Networking with AccountEdge Network Edition

Answer ID 30997   |    Published 24/04/2009 05:14 PM   |    Updated 05/08/2013 01:29 PM
Why can't I locate the host computer in the Company File Browser when networking with AccountEdge Network Edition?

If you have upgraded to AccountEdge Network Edition and are unable to see available hosts in the Company File Browser, you may be experiencing a number of issues:

  • It may be that FileConnect is not running on the host.

  • It may be that you are accidentally launching an incorrect version of AccountEdge / AccountEdge NE

  • You also want to check that there are no extra copies of the old AccountEdge.prefpane files on the HD.

To make sure FileConnect is running, go to the computer that is hosting the file:

  1. Go to AccountEdge in System Preferences.

  2. Make sure FileConnect 2009 is running.


To make sure that you are launching the correct version of AccountEdge NE on any Mac (including the host):

  1. Open your hard drive or Finder.

  2. Go to the application folder (Applications/AccountEdge NE 2009).

  3. Double-click the AccountEdge NE application file to launch the program.

To make sure that there are no extra copies of the old AccountEdge.prefpane files on the HD:

  1. The prefplane files are located in the folder MacHD/Library/PreferencePanes/

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