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  1. BAS support notes
    The following support notes are related to setting up and using BASlink in your software - a great feature to help with your GST reporting requirements. If the information you are looking for is...
    ID: 35135
    Date Updated: 02/06/2014
  2. Installation troubleshooting - AccountRight 2011 and later Updated
    ID: 35229
    Date Updated: 27/04/2015
  3. Compliance update
    The  2014 compliance update for AccountRight and AccountEdge is now available for download. This update includes all ATO changes required for making your software compliant for...
    ID: 31410
    Date Updated: 25/08/2014
  4. Resources for installing and upgrading to the new AccountRight
    This support note points you in the right direction if  you're wanting to learn about, install, or upgrade to the new AccountRight.   What do you need help with? Deciding if the new...
    ID: 33727
    Date Updated: 18/02/2015
  5. Inventory Opening Balances
    As part of the initial setup of your company file, you need to enter opening balances for any stock that you inventory. This involves entering the value and quantity of items that you have on hand...
    ID: 11224
    Date Updated: 05/01/2015
  6. General journal entries
    Unlike sales or purchases, general journal entries are transactions recorded in your software for unusual business activities, such as: company asset depreciation year-end adjustments to fix a...
    ID: 9262
    Date Updated: 27/01/2015
  7. Setting up a shortcut to your company file (AccountRight v19 and earlier) Updated
    Shortcuts on your computer's desktop provide quick access to your programs. This support note explains how to create a shortcut to open your software, and create a shortcut to open your software and...
    ID: 9208
    Date Updated: 27/04/2015
  8. No tax and GST-free tax codes
    Under the current tax system, many transactions have a zero rate of tax, but it can sometimes be difficult to determine the appropriate tax code to use where the tax rate is 0%. This support note...
    ID: 9265
    Date Updated: 27/01/2015
  9. Recording bank interest and charges
    Some bank transactions are not usually known until you receive your bank statement. This support note explains how to record bank interest and charges using ther Bank Entry feature of your...
    ID: 9077
    Date Updated: 23/02/2015
  10. Recording an ATO payment or credit
    Once you have completed your Business Activity Statement (BAS) or Instalment Activity Statements (IAS) you need to record the payment owing to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or the credit you...
    ID: 9260
    Date Updated: 27/01/2015